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Above is the founder of The La’Cour Family Farms, Mr Chris La’Cour. Mr La’Cour has been incarcerated for the better part of 24 years. He was a juvenile offender trialed as an adult. A guilty vertic that forced him to grow up quick. However, Mr La’Cour has exceeded all expectations and stereotypes by becoming a successful entrepreneur right from the confines of his concrete jail cell.

Mr La’Cour has authored three books, is the founder of multiple companies and non-profits, and the owner of enough land acrages to start his own city.

Below is a portfolio of Mr La’Cour’s recent successes and activities. As well as a glimpse into the direction each of his companies are going. This portfolio will help you understand the man behind it all.

Download Chris La’Cour’s First Magazine Interview & Cover

9Leaves Tea Company. Business Booth. (A WestSide Associates investment). Chris invested in his mother’s Tea company. 

La’Couria and Humble Hands Helping orchestrating a Christmas Toy and food give-away. 

Toy drive. Raising toys for the Christmas toy and food giveaway.

Charitable Giva-Away!

Mr La’Cour’s first magazine feature. He was only supposed to be in the feature section. But once the editor heard the story and saw the pictures from his photo shoot, she put him on the cover.

     Books written for the African American diaspora.

This is the book that started it all. It was the Book of Kings that made the entrepreneurs of Los Angeles pay attention to Mr. La’Cour. Once they started paying attention, his career and businesses began to flourish

Business Cards 

The Land!                           

 Mr. La’Cours dream 

of building a new

Blackwallstreet, starts

with this 41 Acres in 

California City!

La’Couria & 

WestSide Associates

Mr La’Cour’s mother,

Kecia Estavan, on Thee Land.

She’s the #1 soldier and Queen

 in this Movement to build


We are constantly building the infrastructure that will some 

day be La’Couria Wallstreet (The next Blackwallstreet).

Piece by piece!

Chris’s first major asset and living quarter’s that allowed the beginning of the lands construction. The family has a sentimental attachment to this RV.

Right… Chris’s niece and nephew plotting on 

what they will build on La’Couria! 

When the Rhode Island Reds layed a couple eggs, 

the family really did not see Chris’s vision. But when all 

75 hens began laying everyday, the family was at a 

stupified stand still.

His sister Paula panicked “There are eggs 

everywhere. What do we do?” Chris simply replied “sell them!”.

Traymane Bargeman was

Chris’s first cellmate when

he arrived at High Desert 

State Prison in 2000. 

Traymane paroled off of a life sentence 

in 2019 and Chris gave him his first job fresh 

out of prison. 

Chris started off growing Wheatgrass as a cheaper, but healthier alternative to feed his chickens. He was trying to increase profits, by minimizing feed cost. But he realized that people were willing to pay good prices for this Wheatgrass and that realization put him in the Wheatgrass business.

(Above is Chris’s aunt (Krystal Estavan) and business partner with Todd Gurley & YG)

TeleHealthVan is the manifestation of Mr La’Cour’s mind and work. He is the consultant and strategic counsel of this company that went from one van to a fleet. A fleet that provides medical assistance for the homeless, as well as those in need of assistance. He is now in business with Rapper & entrepreneur YG and Rams running back Yodd Gurley. As well as his first customer and partner Dion Rambo. 


(Above is Krystal Estavan with Sweet Alice, Compton finest and most loved.)

In the photo to the above, is the debut Of Book of Kings. 

Dion Rambo (BLAT, Rambo House, and TeleHealthVan) and

Duru Chamberlain (LAWA & LAX executive) speak about 

Mr La’Cour’s work and book. This was the beginning for Chris!

          Volunteer for La’Couria!

Mr La’Cour has a program growing in Africa that is building a La’Couria branch in Nigeria. A branch that will connect with its American sister.

La’Cour Family, Holdings is the parent company controlled by Mr La’Cour and  his wife Amber La’Cour. This corporation  parents companies and assets they hold together.

La’Cour Family Farms is the company that sells the products Mr La’Cour’s family produces on its farm. LFF is in the mist of building a grocery system for African American farmers products.

This Is the nonprofit that will build Mr La’Cour’s dream of hepling the underprivileged of urban America!


(888) 8LACOUR (888-852-2687)

This is the consultant company that built Chris La’Cour’s entrepreneurial network and his initial wealth. 

(888) 8LACOUR (888-852-2687)



818 Publishing, LLC is the indie company that initially published Mr La’Cour’s books. Then he sold enough books and made enough business deals; which allowed him the fund to plan a strategic takeover. He ends up owning the company that gave him his start.


Westside Associates is Mr La’Cour’s holding company. A Company that controls his assets and does business on his behalf because he is not allowed to conduct business as an inmate. However, LA West Associates, is a subsidiary of Westside Associates Holdings. Which controls all of Mr La’Cour’s interest and business conducts in the Los Angeles County.

OURTVnetwork is a network strictly for African-American entertainment and representation. Creating programs that will depict the African-American experience, life, and mythologies; from the African American perspective. 

We will create programs that will make African-Americans proud of being African-American. Henceforth, OURTVNetwork!

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